The Ballston Terminal Railroad

The Ballston Terminal's main motive power was this combo-freight/passenger engine named after the line's creator, A. N. Chandler. Here she is returning to Ballston Spa after leaving Factory Village, home to the Company's shops.

The BT's mainstay was freight more than passenger. Here their strongest freight-motor (The George West) is seen at the interchange with the D&H Railroad. The D&H dropped off cars near present-day Route 50. The interchange had a small section of overhead power so the BT's power could enter D&H trackage.

Here is the last car to run on the Kaydeross Railroad. Car Number 10 was purchased in 1919 when the Chandler started showing her age. Her she is with some of the school kids who used her for transport. The location is Milton Ave. in Ballston Spa and the wye track she used to head back west towards Middle Grove.

This is the passenger terminal of the railroad located on the creek in Ballston Spa. The trestle in the background is the mainline of the D&H to Saratoga and Schenectady. This photo was snapped from present day Route 50, right between the Union Fire House and a deli. (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

This postcard is taken from present-day route 50 at the creek crossing. The Ballston Terminal trestle is right over the dam and the D&H trestle can be seen behind it.

The early days of the road and the right of way skirting the Kaydeross Creek right above Ballston Spa.

The ROW is seen winding up the Kaydeross Valley on her way to Factory Village and beyond. Some neat woodwork on the right! (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

Just about the same view showing the D&H interchange track. The neat thing here is the reference to the "Kayderosseras River." The presence of the dam at The Blue Mill made the Kaydeross much bigger than the creek we know today. (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

View in the same direction, slightly skewed, but this time we see the Chandler traveling down the line to Ballston Spa. (POSTCARD: Steve Lamora Collection)

Here's the Blue Mill Pond and Dam in Ballston Spa. The trestle in the background is the D&H to Saratoga Springs. This photo is post 1928 since the Kaydeross Electric Railroad's bridge has been removed from over the dam. (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

Here is the Chandler in The Pioneer Woods (Mill) section of the line. This was the original end-of-line before the railroad was extended to Middle Grove (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

A little further up the line was the the Pioneer Mill and it's pond. The photo in this postcard came from a promo shot for the railroad. The man in the center is unidentified, but shows up in many photos from the brochure. (Steve Lamora Collection)

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