In April of 1971, the creation of Interstate 88 forced the abandonment of the short tourist railroad, The Delaware Otsego Line.  Not long after, the operation was moved to the former D&H Cooperstown Branch where it became The Cooperstown And Charlotte Valley Railroad.  The following photos were taken by a young Chris Lord, Currently the CMO of the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad.  Here is an introduction to the photos by Chris...

I was a young local railfan in April of 1971, when the DO Line was slated to move from it's recently truncated operation in Oneonta up to it's newly acquired location on the ex-D&H Cooperstown branch. The only way to ride the transfer train was to be a stockholder or a member of the press. My Mom decided to get me a $10 share of stock so I could ride this one time only train. An interesting side note on this is that after many years of stock splits and stock shares as dividends, I made over two thousand dollars when the NYS&W privatized.
          I must have had three cameras with me, because I have two sizes of black and white film and some color from that day. I'm glad there is now a place where they can be enjoyed.                Chris Lord

All Photos By Chris Lord

U and D (NYC) Station in Oneonta with D and H Track in foreground

No. 2 at the DO Line in Oneonta

No. 2's crosshead

The Front of No. 2

Engine Crew Of No. 2

East bound D and H C628-610 in Oneonta, No. 2 in the background

Switching at the DO LineLooks like a Brill Model 55 without her trucks!

No. 2 Before her departure in Oneonta

Off To Cooperstown Junction