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This Page is a tribute to The Delaware Otsego Railroad, The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad,
The Central New York Railroad, The Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroadand the
Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad.

All research compiled by Mark J. Jacob 2000-2003
Page built by Gino DiCarlo

History Of The Delaware Otsego Lines

Delaware Otsego Customers

Delaware Otsego M of W Cars

Delaware Otsego Power Assignments

Pre-NYSW Passenger Equipment

Delaware Otsego Freight Roster

See The DO-Line In Action

See The CACV In Action

See The CNYK In Action

See The FJ&G IN Action

See The LASB in Action


Photo Contributors: Arnold Mooney, Michael Bates, Tim Wakeman, Doug Ellison, E. Davis, Al Gorney,

Andy Fusco, Glenn Williams, Steve Lamora, Gino DiCarlo, Joe Klapkowski, John Mech, Joe Testagrose, Craig Werley and Duane Koss

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