The Fonda Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad

Early in 1974, the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad was acquired by the Delaware Otsego System and saved from abandonment..

The old work-horse of the line, S2 #20 was purchased from ALCO in 1945 and stayed on the line until the early 80's. Here she is in Gloversville Yards...(Photo:Arnold Mooney)

Here is sister unit to Number 20, S2 21 crossing Main Street in Johnstown. (Photo:Joe Klapkowski)

Here number 21 is seen switching in Gloversville Yards (Photo: Joe Klapkowski)

In the mid 70's, the DO purchased a multitude of boxcars from The Penn Central System and stenciled them "FJG." Some cars had a special "Fulton County" stencil job applied to them. (photo: Arnold Mooney)

In late 1979, an RS3 was sent to the FJ&G to help the aging S2s. FJG/DO 103 was originally intended for the LASB, but went to Gloversville instead. Here she is near the Fonda Fairgrounds with her "LASB" markings. (Photo: Al Gorney)

Out with the old, in with the new. FJG 20 stares down her replacement, DO 103 in Gloversville Yards

(Photo: Arnold Mooney)

In late 1981, S2s 20 and 21 were done and waiting to be shipped off the line. Here they sit near the Gloversville shops waiting disposition.

Here's a great shot of DO 103 in The Gloversville Yards (Photo: Arnold Mooney)

In 1981, former CACV 100 was sent to the FJ&G to help sister engine 103. CACV 100 was now FJG 100.

Here 100 and 103 work together in Gloversville Yards

Here's another shot of 100 and 103 working in Gloversville

The 100 in a busy Gloversville Yard


By 1984, most business was dried up on the FJ&G. DO 103 sat around until November of that year to make the last movement to Fonda, New York her connection with Conrail. FJ&G historian and author, David Nestle is seen watching the final journey...

Here's the 100 in September of 1983 after doing her time on the FJ&G

Here is DO/CACV/FJG 100 in the NYSW Binghamton Yards. It was not long after this October 18th, 1985 picture that she would be scrapped


Another shot of the derelict 100 in Bingo

Here is FJG/DO 103 sitting in Binghamton in absolute terrible condition. Her Roberval & Saguenay 31 is now showing through. (Photo: BLHS)

Here is another shot of 103 in Bingo. After Binghamton She was sent to the URHS in New Jersey and restored to her original paint as RDG 492 (Photo: BLHS)

FJG/DO sits bruised and battered in Bingo on November 6th, 1987. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

FJG/DO 103 sits in the same battered condition as the 100 sandwiched between 2 NYSW ALCOS in bad shape themselves. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

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