The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railway

Once the D&H Cooperstown Branch, she returned to her roots as the Cooperstown

and Charlotte Valley Railroad when acquired by the Delaware Otsego System...

Here is CACV #2 with a mixed train in her first month of operation. This photo was taken on May 15th,

1971 at Cooperstown Junction. (Photo: Carl H. Sturner)

Here is Number 2 in freight service at Cooperstown Jct. in October of 1974. Check out the PAs heading north on the D&H's Freight Main. (Photo: J.J. Young Jr.)

Here is The Delaware Otsego System's Steamer 2 (Now CACV 2) at Milford in July of 1972. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

Here is CACV 2 on an excursion from July of 1972. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

Here is CACV 2 at Cooperstown in July of 1972. Notice CACV 100 in the background. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

CACV 100 was kept close to her orginal Delaware & Hudson paint scheme. (Photographer: Duane Koss)


Here is CACV 100 in her new Delaware Otsego paint scheme. She is seen here at

Cooperstown Junction on September 29th, 1979 (Photo: Mike Bates)

Here's CACV 100 getting ready to pull an excursion. (Photo: Arnold Mooney)

Here's a great shot looking north to the Cooperstown headquarters of the Delaware Otsego System.

(Photographer: Arnold Mooney)

Here is CACV 100 on an excursion accending Clintonville Hill. (About 2 miles north of Milford)

September 29, 1979 (Photo: Mike Bates)

Here is NYSW 238 switching at Milford on August 26th, 1981. (Photo:Doug Ellison)

Here is NYSW 238 pulling a whole string of boxcars north of the Milford Depot on August 26th, 1981.

(Photo: Doug Ellison) 

Here's a shot of the 238 in the Milford Yards in September of 1986 (Photo: Mike Bates)


The LASB in Action

FJG S2 Number 20 in Honesdale, PA in June of 1976. Number 20 was sent from the FJG after the DO acquired the line. Number 20 stayed on

the line until LASB 102 arrived later in the year...

Here's a shot of FJG 20 in East Honesdale in front of Agway. (Photo: Joe Klapkowski)

Here is LASB 102 at Kimble’s Cut, Pennsylvania in October of 1979

LASB 102 is shown here at Lackawaxen during the Storubridge Line 150th Anniversary celebration, assisting George Hart's former CP 4-6-0 972 on excursions.

102 had just been painted maroon and gold at this time, becoming the first DO unit to wear this scheme.


LASB 102 at Honesdale, PA in March of 1981. The brick building behind the train is the former D&H Canal Co. Office... (Photo: Mike Hartman)

Here is LASB 102 in December of 1988 at the NYSW shops in Little Ferry, NJ. This was right before she was scrapped

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