Here's some odds and ends pictures, but all of them are pretty neat. Nothing wasted here!

All Photos: Scott Whitney Collection, unless otherwise noted

Here's a 1933 shot of Hoosac Tunnel station which shows the HT&W track ending at the road. The track behind the station is severed at the crossing.

Here is the HT&W's plow in September of 1956. Location is Readsboro, Vermont. (Photo: Gino DiCarlo Collection)

Same plow, different paint...

Here's a Travelers Express Company boxcar on the line. This company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pinsly operation. The boxcar is clearly a rebuilt USRA double-sheathed model. (INFO: Justin Kahn)

Readsboro Shop

Here's the shop building in September of 1956...

Here's a pretty neat looking MOW vehicle!

The Yard at Reedsboro

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