Diesels Of The HT&W

All photos: Scott Whitney Collection Unless otherwise Noted

Here's the 15 on June 28th, 1952 putting a train together at the junction with the B&M


Here's a delivery in June of '52 at the paper mill at Monroe Bridge - one of the very few customers.

Here's the 15 with some old railroad men. Notice the steamer carcass near the little boy on the left...

This guy is about to take quite a spill!

Here's the 16 either returning or leaving the Junction on 10/7/1954

Also October of 1954


15 at The Housaac Tunnel Station

Number 16 at the Junction with the B&M

(Photo: Bruce Davidson Collection)

Here's a colored postcard of the 32.

(POSTCARD: Joseph A. Smith Collection, Courtesy Of Ken Bradford)

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