Postcards From The LF&D


Here's a great shot of the Dolgeville Freight House. (Postcard:Joe Klapkowski)

Here's another card showing the Freight House at Dolgeville

Here's the line climbing through a rock cut above Little Falls. The New York Central 4-track main is at the right (Postcard: Joe Klapkowski)

Same scene, but this time a hand-colored postcard. A neat little passenger coach and a combo are making their way up the grade...

Here's a neat card showing a steamer pushing and pulling cars up the Branch. Not to mention the activity on the NYC Chicago Line.

(Paul Larner Collection)

Another shot of a train on the LF&D. This time we see a mixed train on the branch...

Here's the same view, this time a New York Central train is rounding the Gulf Curve. (Postcard: Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's one of my favorite LF&D postcards. It shows this NYC steamer just a chuggin' up the branch. Looks like an open car behind the tender. What a ride that would have been...

ROW shot along the rock-cut

A neat photo postcard showing the rock-cut above Little Falls. This part of the line can still be accessed near NYS Route 5

Here's a neat shot of the Ransom-Creek Trestle. Part metal, part timber. A strange combination!

The Gulf-Curve once again and out little short-line's ROW in the fore-ground...

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