The Dolgeville Line

The LF&D opened in 1892 connecting Little Falls with Ingham's Mills and Dolgville. Connections to Salisbury Center, Irondale and Jerseyfield Lake would come later...

Here's a shot of the Dolgeville Station when she is just one story. A second was added later. (Paul Larner Collection)

Here is the old Gulf Curve alignment with the LF&D running off to the left, up the cliff headed to Crum Creek Station.

(Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here is engine 1 in Little Falls after a snowstorm. Next move, a trip up the right-of-way to Dolgeville. (Photo: Smith/Bradford Collection)

Here's a neat shot showing the line climbing out of Little Falls. The NYC Chicago Line is at the right.

Here's the rock-cut looking South (Paul Larner Collection)

Here's a view of the LF&D ROW climbing out of the valley (Paul Larner Collection)

Here's a photo showing the line climbing from Little Falls. The Gulf Curve of the NYCRR is shown on the left. This is where a horrible wreck occurred on April 19th, 1940

Here's a shot of a steamer crossing the Ransom Creek Trestle. The trestle was 500 feet long and quite the marvel.

Here is a winter shot, near the flats just north of Ransom Creek Trestle. Not a great picture, but a retake of an old browinie picture.

(Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)


Here is the South Main Street Depot in Dolgeville. (Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here's a neat little shot of LF&D #2 leaving Little Falls for Dolgeville. #2 was an American built in Schenectady in 1895.

(Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here is engine #2 rolling along the countryside. (Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here's a neat shot of the Dolgeville Coal Co. Wow, they had quite the coal trestle. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here's one of the businesses in Dolgeville. This was the Kaffenberger and Cantor Mill. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

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