The Dolgeville & Salisbury Railroad

The LF&D had a separate extension that ran North to Salisbury and Irondale. It was first known as the Dolgeville & Salisbury Railroad, but then became part of the New York Central when it purchased the LF&D. In Salisbury it ran north to several lumber operations as the Jerseyfield Railroad

Here's a great shot of a train waiting at the Salisbury Center Station. The Salisbury extension opened in 1908 and was closed in 1945.

(Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here's Number 4 and quite the load of logs on the Salisbury Line. (Paul Larner Collection)

Here's a shot of the Salisbury Steel and Iron Company. This mine started building in 1902 and opened in 1908. The general manager of the company passed away in 1913 and the mine immediately closed. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here's a shot of the shaft house and the tramway that ran into it. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here's another shot of the tramway at Irondale. (Paul Larner Collection)

Brooklyn Cooperage shot from Salisbury. (Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here's a shot of the crusher plant. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here's a colored-postcard view of the plant. A boxcar is shown right near the Fairbanks Track Scale. (Photo: Paul Larner Collection)

Here is a wreck in 1910 on the Salisbury Line.A stone train got away and ran all the way down to Dolgeville. No one was hurt.

(Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

More of the aftermath of the 1910 runaway. (Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

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