Postcards From The LF&D


Here's a great shot of the Dolgeville Freight House. (Postcard:Joe Klapkowski)

Almost the same thing as an electric -railroad waiting shelter, but still a neat building

Here's the line climbing through a rock cut above Little Falls. The New York Central 4-track main is at the right (Postcard: Joe Klapkowski)

Same scene, but this time a hand-colored postcard. A neat little passenger coach and a combo are making their way up the grade...

A view of the trestle looking East.  Look at the metal work involved in it's construction.  With the construction of NYS Route 5, this trestle was removed to make room.

Another shot of a train on the LF&D. This time we see a mixed train on the branch...

Here's the same view, this time a New York Central train is rounding the Gulf Curve. (Postcard: Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's one of my favorite LF&D postcards. It shows this NYC steamer just a chuggin' up the branch. Looks like an open car behind the tender. What a ride that would have been...

ROW shot along the rock-cut

A neat photo postcard showing the rock-cut above Little Falls. This part of the line can still be accessed near NYS Route 5

Here's a neat shot of the Ransom-Creek Trestle. Part metal, part timber. A strange combination!

The Gulf-Curve once again and out little short-line's ROW in the fore-ground...

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