Here is GE-44Tonner 1951 in Beaver Falls, NY on 10/26/1995

 The Lowville and Beaver River Railroad

All Photos By Gene Shatrowsky

The Lowville And Beaver River Railroad was one of the longest operating Short Lines in America, opening in 1906.  The Genesse Valley Transportation Company, owners of the MA&N purchased the line and ran it until Wednesday, January 24, 2007. Here is LBR GE-44-tonner 1951 in Lowville on 12/12/98. The LBR named their engines by the year they were built. This engine was from the former Skaneateles Shortline in the Fingerlakes Region of NY.

Here's a great shot of 44 Tonner 1947. Once again, aquired by the LBR in 1947. Here she is at Beaver Falls on 10/10/1983

Here is the 1947 with her new paint-job complete on 7/30/1984. Photo taken at Lowville, NY

Here is the Beaver Falls station on October 10th 1983

Here is New Bremen, New York on 7/30/84

Leaving a mill at Beaver Falls on 7/30/1984

Here's a trestle and swimming hole in New Bremen, New York on 7/30/84

I love this shot of Beaver Falls, also in July of 1984

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