Predecessors Of The S & S

Here is the earliest shot I have of the railroad connecting Saratoga Springs and Schuylerville. Date not known, but as you can see it is the Schuylerville Station, which still stands on Route 29. (Collection of David Nestle)


Here is Fitchburg 50 at the Saratoga Station in the late 1800's. A short time later, the Fitchburg Line would be absorbed by the Boston & Maine. In the back is the Saratoga Springs Armory. Presently home of the New York State Military Museum.(Collection of David Nestle)


Here is a shot of Boston & Maine Number 1 at Schuylerville in the early 1900's. This shot was taken by Famed Saratoga Springs Photographer George Bolster. (Collection of David Nestle)

Here is B&M 920 in the Saratoga Yards in 1903. In the cab is engineer Hotaling. (Collection of David Nestle)

Here's another George Bolster shot. This shows a Boston and Maine passenger train leaving Saratoga Springs and passing the Excelsior Spring.

A new bike-trail called the "Spring Run" goes through this area.  If you haven't been on it, you are missing out!

(Collection of David Nestle)

Here's the Boston and Maine ROW passing the VanRaalte Textile Mills off of High Rock Ave. in Saratoga Springs. (Saratoga Library Collection)

Here's another shot of the VanRaalte Mill when it was the Clark Textile mill. Once again, we see the ROW passing in front of the mill.

Here is the Un-official opening of the brand new Saratoga and Schuylerville Railroad on November 10th, 1946. Here is brand new 70-Tonner #11 with a load of passengers in Saratoga Yard. This would be present day Henry Street. Once again, there's the Armory in the rear.

(Photo by George Bolster, George Bolster Collection)

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