The S & S In Action!!!

Here is an nice shot of S&S 15 working in the Saratoga Springs Yard. This was taken in November of 1955.

Another shot from November of 55 showing 15 crossing East Saratoga Springs.

Here's S & S 15 at the Saratoga Freight House. This great photo was taken by the GREAT Jim Shaughnessy in August of 1956. This photo appeared on the cover of the July/August 1988 issue of the Mohawk and Hudson N.R.H.S.'s "Call Board."

Here is 15 crossing a road near Bryant's Bridge. Fish Creek passes under the old girder bridge, which was replaced a few years ago.

(Collection of David Nestle)


Here is a neat cab-shot of #15 leaving Schuylerville and passing the feed mill near US Route 4. Next stop, Victory Mills.

(Collection of David Nestle)

Here's a great shot from the trestle in Victory Mills. In the background is the United Board and Carton plant in Victory Mills. A major shipper for the B&M and S&S. The pilings for this trestle can still be seen in the back yards along Route 4.

(Collection of David Nestle)

Hitting a switch in Victory Mills.

Here is #15 doing her street running in Schuylerville. The S&S and B&M ran about a mile of street running on Green Street in Schuylerville until she crossed current Route 29. The Catholic Church is in the background. (Collection of David Nestle)

Here is #15 approaching her connection with the B&M at Stillwater Junction. (Collection of David Nestle)

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