SNY Diesels

SNY GE Number 5, returning from w. Oneonta to D&H interchange at Oneonta, NY, 1958. Notice her new paint. (Photo: Collection Of John Stewart)

SNY 300 at the D&H connection in Oneonta (Photo: Jim Shaughnessy)

Here's the 300 working in West Oneonta in 1970 (PHOTO: Evan Foreman)

Taking a ride near the D&H Interchange (PHOTO: Evan Foreman)

Switching cars at the interchange (PHOTO: Evan Foreman)

The diesel-electric 300 working in West Oneonta in 1970. This engine ran on batteries charged like a hybrid automobile does today.

(PHOTO: Evan Foreman)

This has got to be one dangerous way to ride the front of an engine! If OSHA could only have seen this... (PHOTO: Evan Foreman)

GE Center cab Number 300 on The WAG at Addison , NY  12/27/1955 (Photo: Collection Of John Stewart)

GE Center cab Number 300 and 5 at Galeton , PA ca 1984 (Photo: Collection Of John Stewart)


SNY 5 in Binghamton, New York (Gino DiCarlo Collection)

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