The S & S In Action

Here is the Un-official opening of the brand new Saratoga and Schuylerville Railroad on November 10th, 1946. Here is brand new 70-Tonner #11 with a load of passengers in Saratoga Yard. This would be present day Henry Street. The Saratoga Armory is in the rear.

(Photo by George Bolster, George Bolster Collection)

Here is the Clark Textile Mill on Spring Ave. in Saratoga Springs.

Here's S & S 15 at the Saratoga Freight House. This great photo was taken by the GREAT Jim Shaughnessy in August of 1956. This photo appeared on the cover of the July/August 1988 issue of the Mohawk and Hudson N.R.H.S.'s "Call Board."

Here's a great shot of the Victory Mills station. In the background you can see the water tower to the United Board and Carton.

(Photo: Scott J. Whitney Collection)

Here we are passing the Victory Mills Station (Photo: Scott J. Whitney Collection)

Here's the Saratoga Enginehouse with 2 engines indoors. Photo taken on 6/3/1953. (Photo: Scott J. Whitney Collection)

Here's another shot from June of '53 of the Saratoga Enginehouse. (Photo: Scott J. Whitney Collection)

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