Rexford (Aqueduct) Line

Here's car 504 on Aqueduct Road near the Veeder Barn.

Here is Car 542 heading down Van Vranken Ave. on her way to Rexford and Saratoga.

Here's the 221 on Van Vranken ave., back from a trip from Saratoga Springs.


Here's a great shot of the Veeder Barns on Van Vranken Ave. This building remains as a landscaping business.

(PHOTO: Wayne Koch Collection)


Same location, but here is Line-Car 95-0 posing in front of the barn. (PHOTO: Wayne Koch Collection)

Here is the S-Span leading to the bridge crossing the Mohawk River.  This is where the SRC left Aqueduct Road. The Troy & Schenectady Railroad passed under the SRC in this location. (Len Garver Collection)

Here's a postcard of the bridge at Aqueduct. This view looking east towards Alplaus

Here is a car returning from Saratoga and crossing the Mohawk River Trestle.  AT one time, this bridge was the longest trolley bridge in North America.  It was removed in 1943, two years after the abandonment of the Saratoga Line.  This photo was taken on 9/14/40.

(Len Garver Collection)

Here is car 504 just leaving the bridge.  This photo was taken on a fan trip 5/11/41 over the Saratoga Line...

(Len Garver Collection)

Here's an old postcard showing the Aqueduct Trestle crossing the Mohawk on the Alplaus side. In the distance the Rexford Aqueduct of the Erie Canal can be seen.

Number 561 on the Rexford Loop arriving at Rexford Park. (Len Garver Collection)

Here's a car heading north at Alplaus Junction. The date is August 1st, 1937.

Here's a car just passing Alplaus Junction on her way to Ballston Lake and ultimately Saratoga Springs.

(Len Garver Collection)

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