Veeder Barn

The Veeder Barn was located on Van Vranken Ave. near Aqueduct Road.  Here is 504 right in front of hear near the intersection of Anthony Street.  The Troy & Schenectady Railroad was located right behind her and a spur was available for deliveries.  The building stands to this day.

(Len Garver Collection)

Here's a car leaving the Veeder barn on her way to Rexford and Saratoga Springs...

(Len Garver Collection)

Here's 561 parked on the side of the barn

Veeder barn was famous for being the final resting place for most of SRC's trolleys.  In the mid-40's the cars in this picture and the ones below were sent down Van Vranken Ave. to be scrapped, salvaged and burned.

(Len Garver Collection)

Here is 558 in the process of being scrapped almost ready to be burned.  The remains of here sister cars sit in the foreground

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