Skaneateles Short Line Diesels


SSL 6 and 7 at the Mottville Enginehouse on April 25th, 1978. (PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

Engine Number 7 in April of 1978 (PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

Number 6 making a delivery to Stauffer Chemical in December of 1977. Stauffer bought the line near the end of it's existence to ensure rail delivery.

(PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

Number 7 leaving from the Junction

Number 7 at Skaneateles Jct.

Here's the engine house at Skaneateles. A new engine house was built after a wash-out cut the line from Mottville North

Not yet the end of the line, but here is #6 removing some unused trackage on August, 22 1977.

(PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

These people have front-row seats for the scrapping going on.

(PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

Number 6 returns to Skaneateles Junction after a day of removing rail.

(PHOTO: Tom Trencansky)

Here's a shot of the former SSL #6 at work on the Lowville and Beaver River Railroad. Originally picked up for scrap, the former #9 has been put to work.

(PHOTO: Gene Shatrowski)

Here's a neat shot of the former Number 6 working near Beaver Falls, NY in October of 1995.

(PHOTO: Gene Shatrowski)

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