Trolleys and Equipment

Here's Car 60 getting ready to leave Richfield Springs on an excursion in October of 1938. Passenger service had ended by this time the seats were removed from the car. Folding chairs were borrowed from a local funeral home for the fans.

Car 60 on here way to Oneonta through the farmlands of Central New York. Right after she left Richfield Springs, Number 60 met the Mayor of Richfield Springs' car. After the accident was cleaned up, number 60 continued her trip.

Here's an aging shot of the number 60. Location looks like Richfield Springs. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

Here electric-motor 201 during the pre-SNY days on the line. (PHOTO: Roger Caiazza Collection)

Here is sister car, 202 in the old days of the OCRS. (PHOTO: Roger Caiazza Collection)


Here's a line car at the company shops. Of course this would have been used in the electric-days of the SNY. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

Here's the remains of loco in Oneonta Yards. (Photo: Davis Family)

Here's steeple cab 400. 400 was a gas-mechanical locomotive from the Proctor and Gamble Ivoryton plant on
Staten Island The location Looks like the countryside between Cooperstown & Oneonta. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

Here an electric motor on the line . (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

An electric motor in front of the company's barn. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

Work equipment and wooden Hi-Rail in Oneonta (Photo: Davis Family)

Here's snow-plow 122 waiting for scrap. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

Here's what remains of Express Car 15. (PHOTO: John Stewart Collection)

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