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United Traction Company, Albia Line


The Last Run On The T and NE

Waybill Courtesy Of Joe Connors

Ticket Courtesy Of Joe Connors


Map Of the Troy & New England:

By Charles Viens

Map of the Troy Carbarn and Albia Terminal


Welcome To The Troy & New England Railway

A Brief Sketch of the Troy & New England Railway

The Railroad That Never Reached New England

Last Stop....Averill Park

Brookside Trestle Fire

Ross Sterantino's Trolley

Special thanks to Ken Bradford, Joe Connors, Mary French, Charles H. Viens, Kinsley Goodrich, Ross Sterantino and Paul K Larner.

Trolley Number 1 Artwork By The Late Sanford Young, 1976, Joe Connors Collection

Dedicated to Charles L. Ballard