Last Stop....Averill Park!

Here is open-car #2 at the Averill Park Station. Located on Orient Avenue in West Sand Lake, this station was used for the life of the railroad and later became Ken Tremont Lumber. It was razed in 2004. (Paul K. Larner)

Summer business was booming and sometimes extra cars were added to a train. The first and last car were powered and the car in the middle was an un-powered trailer. (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's a full car either arriving or leaving the Averill Park Station. The Victorian structure in the background is the Gabler House and it still stands.

(Joe Connors Collection)

Here's the same view today looking at Orient Avenue. The building in the center of the photo was built by Tremont Lumber when it used to occupy the former Station. Speaking of the Gabler House, she sitting behind the trees.

Here's a view of the Gabler House taken from the site of the former Depot.

Transportation of yesterday and today was present for this postcard shot. All that was missing was the trolley car! (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's a great shot of the heart of Averill Park. The building in the background on the right was Clums Hotel. On the other side of the tracks is the barn for the Averill Park Hotel, which was located right behind the photographer. (Joe Connors Collection)

Here is the same view today. Sadly missing is the station and the Barn for the Park Hotel. Clum's Hotel is on the right and is now an apartment house.

Here's a view in the other direction looking up the hill. (Joe Connors Collection)

Winter was a slow time of year on the T&NE, a perfect opportunity to play in the snow and do some sledding. (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's the station in 1999, the final years of her life. (Photo: Kinsley Goodrich)

Up 'till the end, the ticket window still stuck out on the slightly modified Depot. (Photo: Kinsley Goodrich)

By this time Tremont Lumber had moved to a new location. By 2004 the building was being used for storage and was ready to collapse.

(Photo: Kinsley Goodrich)

The main destination for T&NE passengers was Crystal Lake, located about a mile from the Averill Park Depot. (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's another view of the Lake, this time showing some park-goers enjoying the fresh summer-air. The lake provided swimming and boating and there were amusements for the whole family. (Joe Connors Collection)

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