This is a brochure soliciting funds to help build the Museum of Electricity. The Museum was to be built in the Lock 7 area of Niskayuna. It even incorporated the Lock in it's display and would have had electric locomotive trips up a section of the Troy & Schenectady Railroad. The money was never raised and the project fell through...

Here is a drawing of the T&S passing through the property. A sub was to be docked on the Mohawk River and Schenectady's Public TV Station, WMHT was to set up broadcast -operations here.

Here is a close up of the facilities for the Museum

Another drawing of the Museum, railroad and the lock and submarine

Here's a photo of the Black Maria in August of 1964 either being loaded for her trip or arriving in the Capital District from Connecticut.

(Photo: TRAINS Jan. 1965)

Here's a photo of a NYC RS3 getting ready to deliver the historical items, including the Black Maria to the American Museum of Electricity in Niskayuna, NY. Location may be the Naval Depot in Scotia New York or the General Electric Works in Schenectady. (Photo: TRAINS Feb. 1966)

Here's a photo taken from Aqueduct Road in Schenectady showing the NYC move to Niskayuna in October of 1965. (Photo: Ken Kinlock Collection)

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