The T&S In Color

All Photos By Steve Lackmann

Penn Central SW-Unit in the former Cohoes Yard. St. Agnes' Church is in the background.

Here is a Penn Central switcher peeking its nose around the corner westbound heading to the end-of-track at Reepmyers Feed on Fonda Road in Colonie. Photo's taken in February of 1974. The track ended under the route 9 bridge just behind the photographer (Steve). The 'runaround' track at this location was used when switching the Ford plant and Reepmyers.

Here is PC switcher 9107 moving cars into the Ford plant off Fonda Road in Colonie in February 1974. The road in the foreground is Fonda Road, looking eastward.

Just crossing Fonda Road

Here is the trackage leading to the Ford Tractor Plant towards the end of the railroad.

Here is the 116 passing under the former Vliet St bridge in Cohoes. This bridge no longer was removed and replaced with a culvert when the Mohawk and Hudson bike path was constructed.


The D&H leased RS3 power and used it on occasion when they switched the T&S. This is URWS 116 eastbound crossing over Manor Ave in Cohoes.

The 116 just crossing over Manor Ave in Cohoes heading eastbound.


This is looking eastward toward Troy in 1976. The leased RS3 has just come off the T&S, and is getting ready to switch to the south leg of the wye to head back south on the D&H. The bridge in the background is over route 32, next to the Purple Pub restaurant in Maplewood.

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