The T&S in Schenectady

Here's a postcard of Schenectady's Union Station. MP 1 on the T&S. This structure was demolished in the early 70's.

Here's a view of the station from track-level. The man on the right is standing on the T&S trackage.

Here's a picture of the platform of Union Station

Here is the east platform of the Schenectady Station. The New York Central "Chicago Line" is on the left, the D&H is on the far right and the T & S is right in the middle. The T&S had to double-diamond it over Main 1 and 2 of the D&H to head East to Troy. (Photo: Ed Wittekind)

Here's Mile Post 1 on the T&S. This photo was taken in 1980 during the Conrail Days. (Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's the interchange between the Aqueduct Running track (Former T&S) and the D&H in January of 1980. As you can see, the connection had been severed.

(Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's the dilapidated Right-Of-Way in the late 70's. As you can see, no service had been provided. (PHOTO: Steve Myers)

Here's a great shot of the T&S ROW heading East at Nott Street. The view is from 1980 and the tracks are succumbing to nature.

(Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's the Eastward view towards Seneca Street in Schenectady. (Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's an ALCO shot of Nott Street looking East. The T & S crosses Nott in the center of the photo. (ALCO Historic Photos)

Here's a great shot of the T&S ROW passing the ALCO plant. Because of it's nice straight ROW through Schenectady, the T&S was used regularly to test out new locomotives. (ALCO Historic Photos)

Here's the westward view of the T&S ROW passing the same ALCO building as in the picture above. North Jay Street runs under the T&S to the left of the building.

Here's a neat postcard of ALCO showing the Erie Canal on the left, The D&H to the right and the T&S passing on the far-right.

Here's one more view of ALCO, The T&S's Jay Street Overpass and the T&S's ROW heading East

Here's the track leading from a former-ALCO building in Schenectady that became Buy-Rite foods. The D&H was still servicing this facility in the 1970's. This track connected to the D&H's Seneca Street Yard. The Troy & Schenectady Right-Of-Way is located on the right and also connected to this yard. (PHOTO: Steve Myers)

An old switchstand on the soon to be abandoned T&S near Seneca Street. (Photo: Steve Myers)

Here is the crossing sign for the T&S at Seneca Street. (Photo: Steve Myers)


Here are new FA units being tested on the T&S near Maxon Road in Schenectady. This shot is taken from the D&H's Main-Line looking over her Seneca Street Yard Trackage. The D&H trackage for it's Maxon Road Roundhouse is in the foreground.

(Photo: Ed Wittekind)

Here's a new PA being tested on the T&S near Maxon Road (PHOTO: Bob's Photos, Dan Thomas Collection)

Same PA, but this time we the D&H's Maxon Road Roundhouse in the background. Also, this woman seems to be getting an introduction to knuckle couplers!

(PHOTO: Bob's Photos, Dan Thomas Collection)

Here's the eastward view of the T&S between Maxon Road and Anthony Street. Officially abandoned in May of 1984, the T&S hadn't seen traffic for a while when this picture was snapped in the early 70's. (Photo: Steve Myers)

Here's a neat shot of the NYC moving historical equipment out to Lock 7. This shot was snapped from Aqueduct Road looking down on the T&S ROW. This was probably in the Summer of 1965. (Photo: Ken Kinlock)

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