The T&S At Aqueduct

Here's a postcard of the Rexford Erie Canal Aqueduct. This photo was taken from the Troy & Schenectady ROW, notice the switchstand on the right.

(Postcard: Malcolm Horton)

Here's the same view, but this time we see the T&S' right-of-way. (PHOTO: Riverview Orchard Collection)


Here's a nice view of Craig/Aqueduct taken from the Erie Canal towpath. The bridge in the middle is the Balltown Road Erie Canal Bridge. The Aqueduct Freight House can be seen right above the bridge.

This is where Balltown Road originally passed under the T&S via this beautiful stonework-tunnel. This tunnel still carries the Mohawk and Hudson Bike Trail overhead. The Balltown Rd. Bridge over the Erie Canal can be seen through the tunnel. See the tunnel today.

Here is the same view in January of 1980. The Track was still in place at this time. (Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's the T&S ROW skirting the Erie Canal at Aqueduct/Craig. The bridge at center led to Balltown Road. (Postcard: Malcolm Horton)

Here is the water tower at the Aqueduct Station.

Here's a neat shot of the dilapidated Aqueduct Station. This shot was taken on 11/28/1969. Notice the similarities to the Niskayuna Depot.

(Photo: Bill Mischler)

McNeal Fence had been using the Aqueduct depot, but not at this point in 1969. Freight operations ceased out of this facility years before.

(Photo: Bill Mischler)

Just 11 years after the previous photo, the depot shows signs of having being taken over by vegetation. Do you know when the depot was demolished?

(Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here are some more views of the last of the Aqueduct Depot. This shot and the previous view were taken January 26th, 1980. (Photo: Bill Mischler)

More from 1980 (Photo: Bill Mischler)

The barricaded remains from early 1980. (Photo: Bill Mischler)

Here's a neat postcard of the T&S ROW heading West towards Schenectady. This is just between Aqueduct and present day Lock 7. The Mohawk River is on the right. This view is clearly recognizable on the present day bike-trail.

Here's a postcard-view of the T&S, Mohawk River and Erie Canal between Craig and Niskayuna.

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