The T&S in Cohoes

Here's a great old postcard of the NYC station and the Troy Branch in Cohoes. The High Street Bridge is next to the Station and there is St. Agnes's church in the background. (Postcard: Steve Lackmann Collection)

Here is the same view as the above postcard. In this shot a Penn Central Geep 20, 2106 is southbound at the south end of the former Cohoes yard. Former St. Agnes in background.

During PC operation of the branch. PC switcher southbound just north of the present day beginning of the bike path at the western end of
Alexander St. in Cohoes.

PC crew getting ready to set the boxcar off at the Commercial Warehouse siding in Cohoes. Former Johnston Avenue bridge is in the
background looking northbound. The bridge is gone, replaced by a culvert. Just beyond this bridge was the 'wye' that was used in steam days.

Here's D&H 4085 southbound running parallel to Garner Street. The area on the right side of the picture was the old T&S
Cohoes yard.

This is the old T&S looking south at Cohoes. The former T&S yard is at the left of the picture. The present day MiniMart on Garner St is now located in the low block building at the left. This store is located near the site of the former NYC Cohoes freight house. The siding at the right serviced the Commercial Warehouse off of McElwain Ave. The sign at the center originally read 'stay off of the cars'.

Here's another southbound at the location of the former Cohoes yards. The warehouse on the left is the former Commercial
Warehouse Inc. The end of the siding to the warehouse can be seen at the left of the photo.

Southbound at Cohoes with the remnants of the former Cohoes yard clearly visible. The NYC freight house was located on the site of the low block building. The spur on the right serviced the dock at the freight house. Former St. Agnes church in background.

Southbound 4085 passing the site of the former American Washoline Company on Central Ave in Cohoes. Shot is looking east toward the siding that served the old warehouse. The factory is gone, replaced by four houses on Central Avenue.

4085 heading southbound crossing over High Street in Cohoes. Shot looking northeastward from Younglove Ave. Former passenger depot for the T&S was located at the right of this photo. Station platform is just visible ahead of the power at the right of the photo.

Southbound 4085 crossing the Columbia Street bridge in Cohoes. View looking eastward on Columbia St. Intersection with Bedford St and Central Ave is just on the other side of the overpass.

This is a shot looking northbound just south of Alexander Street in Cohoes. The original T&S alignment went through this cut. Over the years the clay hill shifted, causing the massive concrete retaining wall on the north side of the cut to move. This was one of the biggest obstacles the D&H faced when they took over operation of the line. Crews were reported to wonder if they would put the power or cars on the ground on the trip up or the trip back. If you look closely at some of the photos of the D&H RS3s you can see a light coating of mud on the side of the trucks. The mud came from here! Repairing this would have been ecomomically prohibitive and this was another reason for the line's eventual abandonment in the early 1980s.

Another view of one of the many retaining walls along the ROW in Cohoes. This one is just south of the site of the former American Soap and Washoline Co. on Central Ave. Most of these retaining walls in Cohoes have date inscriptions ranging from 1901-1907. Many are still readable today.

Southbound just north of Alexander Steet in Cohoes.

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