Scrapping The T&S

In the Summer of 1979, the wheels were in motion to tear up the Crescent Industrial Track. Bike Trail funds were in place and the rail was going to scrap. Funny thing is, this part of the T&S saw service until 1976, whereas the Aqueduct Branch hadn't seen business since the early 70's and remained 'active' until 1984, scrapping coming a year later...

Here's a switch stand located at the eastbound entrance to the Cohoes yard, just to the south of Younglove Avenue.

Another shot of the switch stand located at the eastbound entrance to the Cohoes yard.

Just prior to scrapping in Cohoes

This shows the railroad looking westbound from Manor Avenue in Cohoes. Note that Manor Ave is already paved over.

Here's the eastbound view from a paved over Manor Ave in Cohoes.

Here's the spur track leading to the former Ford tractor plant off Fonda Road in Colonie.

Cohoes Yard, the scene of an illegal camp fire.


The following shots are the demolition in Cohoes near the site of the last passenger station off of Younglove Avenue.

Here an irate scrap gang wonders why Steve is taking their picture.

Former Cohoes Yard.

This slide shows the former St. Agnes's church in the background.

Location of the former Cohoes Passenger Station.

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