The Utica and Mohawk Valley bypassed the Village of Mohawk using the West Shore Railroad between Mohawk And Frankfort.  It also traveled through The Villages of Mohawk and Ilion on city street.


The West Shore Station of Ilion doubled as the trolley depot for the Utica and Mohawk Valley.  A waiting room in Mohawk and Ilion also serviced passengers.


Another shot of the Ilion Station, this time with artistic colorization!

Here's shot further down the line, but looking East towards the Ilion West Shore Station PHOTO: Street Railway Journal


The first street railroad in Mohawk and Ilion was The Mohawk and Ilion Horse Railroad Company, formed in 1870.  This company merged with with several other street railway companys to form The Utica And Mohawk Valley Railway in 1901.


Here is Main Street in electric days.  The Village of Ilion was a major employer and benefited from the electric-transportation