Mohawk On The Utica And Mohawk Valley

Here is the West Shore Railroad looking East at Mohawk.  On the left is a UMV Car right after it crossed the Mohawk from Herkimer.  U&MV Cars used the West Shore to bypass Mohawk, Ilion and Frankfort on the way to Utica, but it also used the Main Streets in Mohawk, Ilion and Frankfort to get to Utica.

Here are the tracks in Main Street in Mohawk.  Right in the center of the postcard is where The Southern New York Railway turned left to head to Richfield Springs and beyond.  The Southern New York used the UMV trackage to get to Herkimer and also to connect to Utica.  It was the closing of The New York State Railways in 1933 that caused the Southern New York to abandon their trackage from Jordanville to Herkimer.

Here's another view of Main Street in Mohawk.  Most of the buildings are gone.  The artist who painted this card got the color of the trolley right.  Yellow cars did travel between Little Falls and Utica.