Utica On The Utica And Mohawk Valley

Like the caption says, The Busy Corner. Utica at the turn of the century was an extremely busy place.  The 7th largest city in the State of New York had plenty of business and recreation to satisfy anyone.  Several railroads served town, plus the mighty Erie Canal.  Who could ask for more?

Traveling near Utica's City Hall

One of the original lines that became part of the U&MV, The Utica And Deerfield Street Railroad Company.

Entertainment was available in several theaters and opera houses.

Here is the non-postcard view of the same block, but in the other direction.  A waiting room for The Utica and Mohawk Valley is on the left.

Typical farm crossings were the norm on the Utica and Mohawk Valley outside of Utica.  PHOTO: Street Railway Journal