Photo's from the past on The New York Central's  West Shore Branch

This is the Fultonville Passenger Station in the early 1900's. Yes, she looks just like the other depots.

(Photo: Jerry Snyder Collection)

This is a shot of the Franklin Street Crossing in Fultonville, New York. The photo was taken by R. Donaldson

(Walt Danylak Collection)

Here's a great card of the Randall Depot. Randall is just west of Fultonville. (Postcard: Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's a great shot of the Canajoharie Station (Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's a nice postcard of the Canjo Station (Jerry Clearwater Collection)

Here's a great old postcard of the West Shore's Yard for the Beech-Nut Factory in Canjo. (Postcard: Jerry Snyder)

Here's a small train heading to Canajoharie, New York to service the Beech Nut Factory.  Beech Nut was one of the last customers prior to abandonment in 1981.  Ron Crowd of the Battenkill Railroad wanted to acquire the line, but it never worked out. The old Adirondack Light and Power sits on the South side of the river. (Photo: Davis Family)

Here is a shot looking west at Fort Hunter.  The branch line was abandoned from Little Falls to Fort Plain (Just west of Canjoharie) in 1971. Ilion to Little Falls was abandoned in 1973. Harbor to South Utica was abandoned in 1971.

(Photo: Davis Family)

Here's a shot of the little switcher when she first arrived in Cranesville. She still has the marks from The Buffalo Slag Co. where she last worked. (PHOTO: Michael Vaiuso Jr.)

Here's that old EMD-Switcher sitting in the spot she's sat in for over 40 years. (Photo: Davis Family)

Here she is at work at Cushing Stone in Cranesville.  This little switcher would pull cars out from the quarry and transfer them for the NYC, PC and Conrail to pick up. (Photo: Davis Family)

Here's the Route 30A crossing in Fultonville.  The branch extended as far as Ilion, NY until 1973.

(Photo: Davis Family)

This is just west of Fultonville, Route 5s is in the background. (Photo: Davis Family) 

Here is the Fultonville Freight House. You can just make out NYWS&BRco under the new owners sign. This stood for New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railroad Company. This was the line aquired by the New York Central...

(Photo: Davis Family)

Here's a neat shot of the WS ROW looking West towards the Beechnut Factory (Photo: Dave Nestle Collection)

Here’s a shot of the Canajoharie Station(Photo: Dave Nestle Collection)

Here's a great shot of the Ilion Freight House in the 1960's. Once again we can see the lettering for NYWS&BRco. This view looks down the mainline east towards Mohawk. The Ilion Depot was just across the tracks to the left of here. The Clark & Bakor Factory (Remington Rand / UNIVAC) is right behind the Freight House. (Photo: Rob Stubbs)

Here's the trackage that passed behind the Fork & Hoe in Frankfort. The track to the left went to the turn table when it was the railroad shop. (Photo: Don Ross, Kevin Cunningham Collection)

Here's an NYC switcher on the shop-grounds of the Fork & Hoe building. This photo and the 2 before her were snapped in the late 1960's right before this stretch of the line was abandoned. (Photo: Don Ross, Kevin Cunningham Collection)

NYC S2 9311 sits near the Railroad Street crossing in Frankfort, New York in 1968. (Photo: Don Goodman)

Here's a shot of a Conrail local pulling cars out of the Cushing Quarry.  Photo taken in August of 1988.

(Photo: Steve Myers)