The Central New York Railroad

Originally The DL andW/EL Richfield Branch, she later would become 

the  Central New York Railroad

Here's a photo of CNYK 101 before she started work on her home branch. She is seen here in Milford on thE CACV in July of 1973 pulling an excursion to Cooperstown 

(Photo: Al Gorney, Andy Fusco Collection)

Here is CNYK 100 and FJ&G 20 in April of 1974. FJ&G 20 was sent to Richfield Springs to help with operations.

Here's another shot from April of 1974

 (Photo: Al Gorney, Andy Fusco Collection)

Here is CNYK 101 in Bridgewater, NY on October 20th, 1977.

(Photo:Doug Ellison, Tim Wakeman Collection)

CNYK 101 meets the Conrail Sangerfield

local at Richfield Junction on April 17, 1979. The Conrail track would later become the NYSW Northern Branch a few years later. 

(Photo: Tim Wakeman)

Here is CNYK 101 near Richfield Springs in

October of 1979 

(Photo: Tim Wakeman)

Here is CNYK 101 in Richfield Springs on August 27th, 1980. Notice her new Delaware Otsego Paint Job.

After 1982, Adirondack Railroad's 29 was a regular on the CNYK. Here she is east of Bridgewater, New York in April

of 1982.

(Photo: Tim Wakeman)

Here's another shot of Adirondack 29 from the Spring of 1982. This time she's at the Bridgewater Station. 

This is her first run on the CNYK. 

(Photo: Time Wakeman)

Here is CNYK-101 in Norwich, New York working on the NYS&W in April of 1982.

(Photo: Tim Wakeman)

Here is CNYK 101 after she'd been sent down to New Jersey for repairs. She would get a new paint-job then become NYS&W 101. 

(Photo: John Mech)

Here's a shot of NYSW 3008 working the line in July of 1986 when she was the NYSW's Richfield Branch.

(Photo: Doug Ellison)

Here's the 3008 near Richfield Springs in

July of 1986.