The D-O Line

The DO Line was a tourist railroad created in 1966 on over 2 miles of the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad near Oneonta, New York. The line ran from Oneonta to Mickel Bridge. The motive  power was a former US Army 0-6-0.

Here's a beautiful color shot from the Oneonta Station in 1966. 0-6-0 prepares to take on passengers. The creation of I-88 forced the abandonment of this line.  

(Photo: Bob Wyer, Gino DiCarlo Collection)

DO Line Number 2 ran excursions daily except Monday from May through September...

DO Line 2 called "The Rip Van Winkle Flyer" offered a 35 minute scenic ride through the foothills of the Catskill Mountains...

Here's a shot from the  Delaware Otsego Corp. Annual Report for 1990. Shown is Number 2 near Gas Ave. in Oneonta...

Here's another shot of  The  Van Winkle Flyer" at the Oneonta Station. With the abandonment of this  road, DO Line 2 set up shop a few miles away in Cooperstown, New York on former  trackage of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad. Tourist and freight runs lasted  into the early 80's...

Here's DO 2 at an unknown location. 

     (Photo: Paul Templeton, Craig Werley Collection)

Here's another shot of Number 2 at an unknown location.  

(Photo: Paul Templeton, Craig Werley Collection)

Here is DO-Line/CACV 0-6-0 Number  2 when she was parked at the offices of the Delaware Otsego Corporation. 

She has just been sold and is on display in front of a business in Maryland. 

    (Photo: Gino DiCarlo)