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Amsterdam Chuctanunda & Northern

Connection: NYC, Penn Central, Conrail, CSX




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CONRAIL in Action on the Kellogg's Branch


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The A.C.N. In Action

NEW 2015!!!  The Kellog's Branch is out of service.  Trains have not run up the branch since 2013.  It's lone business, Fibre Glass Industries has shut down!

The Kellog's Branch is CSX's service spur to Amsterdam, New York's Edson Street Industrial Park. At one time, she was known as The Amsterdam, Chuctanunda & Northern Railroad, a private enterprise run by The New York Central Railroad. It's function was first constructed in order to serve the Kellogg & Miller Linseed OIl works, but eventually was extended to several carpet mills located around the city. As time went by, the railroad became a spur line of the New York Central and was later known as the Kellogg's Branch. During it's Penn Central days it was known as the Kellogg Industrial Track.

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