The Kellog's Branch Today

Here's some shots of the current operations on the Kellog(g)'s Branch

All photos by Gino DiCarlo

Here's a CSX local switching in the Kellogg's Yard. The Branch is serviced by a local from South Schenectady 3 days a week

CSX 4408 crossing Old Route 5 pushing a car up the Branch

Up the hill she goes

Here's cars being pushed across Vrooman Ave. The end of the branch is just to the right. The cars need to be pushed this far so they can hit the switch to go up to FGI

Here they are coming up the hill to the Edison Industrial Park.

Crossing the road to FGI

The 4408 moving cars at FGI, the Kellogg Branch's only customer

Sand is delivered to the plant


Here's the engine at the Vrooman Ave. crossing. It has just come down from Edison Ave. and the crew is hitting the switch for the trip back down the hill.

Here's a former Conrail caboose that was used for pushing up the branch. The crew would ride caboose-first up the hill to the industrial Park.

Another shot of the caboose

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