Trestles On The Kellog's Branch

Here's a neat postcard of the McLeary (Mohawk) Mills. In the lower left-hand corner you'll notice one of the large wooden trestles on the line. Just above is the Mill's power plant which had another trestle. (Postcard: Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's another view of the mill and the neat timber-trestle cutting through the center of the photo. (Photo: Jerry Snyder Collection)

Here's a view atop the Forest Ave. trestle. There were several trestles at Mohawk Mills. One to the power house for coal delivery (still there) and one crossing the large ravine shown in the above postcard. There was also one at the Sanford Mill (Still there) and this one along Forest Ave. The trestle was removed a few years ago. The following photos are from this trestle. Photos were taken by Joe Klapkowski.

Here's where the trestle passed by the paper plant on Forest Ave. Forest Ave. would be right behind the trucks

This trestle was basically built right up through the creek.

Joe Klapkowski must not be afraid of heights to have taken these shots. Accidents involving minors playing on this trestle led to it's dismantling.

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