FJG S2 Number 20 in Honesdale, PA in June of 1976. Number 20 was sent from the FJG  after the DO acquired the line. Number 20 stayed on the line until RDG 465 arrived later in in the year... 

Here's a shot of  FJG 20 in East Honesdale in front of Agway in Honesdale.  

(Photo: Joe Klapkowski)

The first power on the line was former Reading RR 465...which would take on the DO colors soon enough.     Here she is in her simple-black -and-white on February 18th, 1977 at White Mills, Pennsylvania.

Here is LASB 102 at Kimble’s Cut, Pennsylvania in October of 1979

LASB 102 is shown here at Lackawaxen during the Storubridge Line 150th Anniversary celebration, assisting George Hart's former CP 4-6-0 972 on excursions. 102 had just been  painted maroon and gold at this time, becoming the first DO

unit to wear this scheme.

LASB 102 at Honesdale, PA in March of 1981. The brick building behind the train is the  former  D&H Canal Co. Office.

(Photo: Mike Hartman)

Some of the last work the former 465 did was  on the NYSW in New Jersey.

Seen here in Newark, New Jersey on 12/22/1988...

Here is LASB 102 in December of 1988  at the

NYSW shops in Little Ferry, NJ. Probably  right

before  she was scrapped  at Naporano Iron and Metal Co.

NYSW 101, which was former CNYK 101 worked the LASB quite a bit.  Here she is in Lackawaxen, PA in 1985.

NYSW RS1 252 also helped out on the LASB.

NYSW 101 and NYSW 252 working the  LASB for freight.

New Power for the LASB.  Former Bangor and Aroostock 54.  She currently participates in excursions on the Stourbridge Line.

Before the 101 was sent back to New York, she worked with her replacement the #54.  Here they are in July of 86 on an excursion.

The Lackawaxen And Stourbridge Railroad