The Troy & Schenectady Railroad 

New York Central & Hudson River Railroad


The  Troy & Schenectady Railroad 

The Troy & Schenectady Railroad was one of the first railroads in the US.  It ran from downtown Troy to downtown Schenectady. It became part of the NYC and lasted until the 1970's. Check out a history of the T&S from Ken Kinlock's Great Site.

Crossing The Northway : See when the T&S was the only railroad to cross a US Interstate at grade ! 

( From Gino's Rail-Blog )

History Of  The High Street Grade Crossing Elimination

(By Steve Lackmann)

The T&S Today

The T&S in Beers' Atlas of 1866

American Museum Of Electricity

See The Scrapping Of The Crescent Branch

See The Crescent Branch in Color

Special Thanks to Steve Lackmann, Gordon Smith, Len Garver, Ken Kinlock, Steve Myers,  Mal Horton, Ed Wittekind, Dan Thomas,  Bill Mischler, Jim Shaugnessy and 

Kevin Franklin for their help and photos.

Time Table courtesy of Steve Lackmann, Ernie Mann Collection

The Schenectady & Troy Railroad

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