The 822 in LA (Lower Albany) (Walt Danylak Collection)

The UTC In Action

The 828

Running on the Pine Hills Line. Walt Danylak Collection

The 623

Here's Birney Car 875 in Downtown Albany. Notice the open window in front of the motorman. Birneys were put in place in later years to cut expenses.

The 842

Here's a car on Watervliet Ave. in Albany. Behind her is the New York Central's West Albany Yard. Walt Danylak Collection

The 853 on Quail Street

Here's a family playing in the Quail Street Barn. Walt Danylak Collection

The 866

Pine Hills cars on Western Ave.. Walt Danylak Collection

The 603

Sweepers sitting at the Quail Street Barn. (Walt Danylak Collection)

UTC 651 crosses the D&H in Cohoes on her way to Menands and Albany.

The 301 in Broadway in Albany. The 301 was an interesting car. Only a few were built and unlike cars run with a hand stick, it was propelled with a floor accelerator, much like an automobile.

(Walt Danylak Collection)

Another view of the 301. (Walt Danylak Collection)

Here's the 301 on March 16th, 1931

Here's the 301 at the Quail Street Barn. Central Ave is in the background.

Here's the 301 heading to Downtown Albany.

Here's the 867 on the end of the Delaware Ave. Line. The date is June 9th, 1946, just a few months before abandonment.

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