Photo's from the past of The New York Central's  West Shore Branch


Here's a neat shot of the WS ROW looking West towards the Beechnut Factory (Photo: Dave Nestle Collection)


(Photo: Dave Nestle Collection)

Here's a great shot of the Ilion Freight House in the 1960's. Once again we can see the lettering for NYWS&BRco. This view looks down the mainline east towards Mohawk. The Ilion Depot was just across the tracks to the left of here. The Clark & Bakor Factory (Remington Rand / UNIVAC) is right behind the Freight House. (Photo: Rob Stubbs)

The Conrail Years

Here's a close-up of the switcher (Photo: Steve Myers)

Here's a shot of a Conrail local pulling cars out of the Cushing Quarry.  Photo taken in August of 1988.

(Photo: Steve Myers)

Here's a shot taken a little further up the line in Cranesville. This time we see a Conrail-GE local pulling a big load of hoppers out. (Photo: Unknown)

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