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Saratoga & Schuylerville Railroad Page. On this site you will find

plenty of pictures and info on this neat shortline that ran in the

Eastern part of New York State. It grew out of the ashes of the Boston

& Maine's Saratoga Branch to become one of Sam Pinsly's first

acquisitions. Special thanks go to the family of historian  David Nestle . Dave's wife Pat  was so kind to share her husband's great scrapbook on this line. This page is dedicated to those people who thought there was only ONE railroad in

Saratoga Springs, New York...

Model of S&S 70-Ton Number 11 By Bill Rooke

S&S 15 Modeled By Bill Rooke. Bill Grew Up On The

S&S And Has Been A Big Fan Since.

S and S Caboose Number 8.

All Model Photos: Bill Rooke

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