The Dolgeville Line

The LF&D opened in 1892 connecting Little Falls with Ingham's Mills and Dolgville. Connections to Salisbury Center, Irondale and Jerseyfield Lake would come later...

Here is the old Gulf Curve alignment with the LF&D running off to the left, up the cliff headed to Crum Creek Station.

(Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here is engine 1 in Little Falls after a snowstorm. Next move, a trip up the right-of-way to Dolgeville. (Photo: Smith/Bradford Collection)

Here's a neat shot showing the line climbing out of Little Falls. The NYC Chicago Line is at the right.

Here's a photo showing the line climbing from Little Falls. The Gulf Curve of the NYCRR is shown on the left. This is where a horrible wreck occurred on April 19th, 1940

Here's a shot of a steamer crossing the Ransom Creek Trestle. The trestle was 500 feet long and quite the marvel.

Here is a winter shot, near the flats just north of Ransom Creek Trestle. Not a great picture, but a retake of an old browinie picture.

(Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)


Here is the South Main Street Depot in Dolgeville. (Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

Here is engine #2 rolling along the countryside. (Photo: Lucinda M. Parker Collection)

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