Welcome to The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railway

Once the D&H-Cooperstown Branch,  she became the new home to the D-O Line from nearby Oneonta. Her new owners, who would become the  Delaware Otsego System returned to her roots as the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad.

Here is CACV #2 with a mixed train in her first month of operation. This photo was taken on May 15th,

1971 at Cooperstown Junction. (Photo: Carl H. Sturner)

Here is Number 2 in freight service at Cooperstown Jct. in October of 1974. Check out the PAs heading north on the D&H's Freight Main. (Photo: J.J. Young Jr.)

Here is The Delaware Otsego System's Steamer 2 (Now CACV 2) at Milford in July of 1972. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

Here is CACV 2 at Cooperstown in July of 1972. Notice CACV 100 in the background. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

Here is CACV 2 on an excursion from July of 1972. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

With the purchase from the D&H, CACV 100 was kept close to her orginal Delaware & Hudson paint scheme. (Photographer: Duane Koss)

Here is CACV 100 in her new Delaware Otsego paint scheme. She is seen here at

Cooperstown Junction on September 29th, 1979 (Photo: Mike Bates)

Here's CACV 100 getting ready to pull an excursion. (Photo: Arnold Mooney)

Here's a great shot looking north to the Cooperstown headquarters of the Delaware Otsego System.

(Photographer: Arnold Mooney)

Here is CACV 100 on an excursion accending Clintonville Hill. (About 2 miles north of Milford)

September 29, 1979 (Photo: Mike Bates)

Here is NYSW 238 on pulling a whole string of boxcars north of the Milford Depot on August 26th, 1981. Again, engineer is Jerry Robinson. (Photo: Doug Ellison) 

Here is NYSW 238 switching at Milford on August 26th, 1981. (Photo:Doug Ellison)




Here is NYSW 238 sitting at the Milford Freight House on August 26th, 1981. The engineer in the cab is Jerry Robinson. (Photo: Doug Ellison)

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