Heading Up To Mohasco (Mohawk Mills)

Here's CR 8502 on January 21st, 1982 sitting at Vrooman Ave. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

The 8502 is making her way up Forest Ave. The 5 Corners (Cork Hill) is behind the consist. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Still moving up Forest Ave, we see the start of the twisting-trestle near the paper plant. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Approaching the trestle. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Making the climb. Notice the boxcar has been dropped. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Neat shot on the trestle. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Here's the train waiting to cross 2nd Ave. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Here's the train on the massive trestle at Mohasco (Mohawk Mills). This SW-Unit was used due to the trestles at Mohawk Mills. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Another shot on the trestle. A covered-hopper has been picked up. The smokestacks for the former Mohawk Mills power plant is in the background. Another trestle was used to service the powerhouse. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Coming back down the line and once again at 2nd Ave. The power plant smokestacks are in the background. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Crossing 2nd Ave. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

Coming down over the trestle near the paper plant. (PHOTO: Bill Mischler)

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