The Troy And New England Railway

(The Railroad That Never Reached New England)

Here is the First run on the T&NE on September 30th, 1895. Officers of the T&NE as well as dignitaries from the Troy City Railway are present for the occasion. The Motorman on the run is William Curtin and the Conductor is Frank O'Neil. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Here is the Albia Terminal located between Albia and Wynantskill. The water in the background was the Albia Pond, which was created by damming the Wynantskill, which was needed for area mills. The pond is now gone and just the creek flows through the area. The Troy Car shop and office was located a block from this location at the corner of Pawling Avenue and Victoria ave. The Terminal Tavern (Hence the name) is located right between the shops and the Albia Terminal. Before the merger with the UTC, riders from Troy had to depart a block or so from the UTC line and walk to the T&NE's terminal. A connection was made in 1910 so that passengers could continue on the same car from Averill Park to Downtown Troy. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Here is the same view today. All that's missing is the Albia Pond!

Here is a Builder's photo of T&NE #7. When the United Traction acquired the Company, this car was painted in UTC colors and a UTC Logo. Also, Providence Fenders were installed. (Cowcatchers) The T&NE's equipment was built by J.M. Jones of Watervliet and Jackson and Sharp of Delaware. Their early roster included 3 open cars for Summer, 4 closed cars for winter, 3 box cars and 6 flat cars including a boxmotor for freight handling.

(Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Open Car 11 waits at Brookside Park on a Sunday Afternoon jaunt. George Fredenburgh is seen running the car. George started on the T&NE when it opened in 1895. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Here is where the T&NE arrived at Brookside Park. The area of the park is currently a retirement community located on Brookside Road.

A popular destination on the T&NE, Brookside Park was located between the Power House and the West Sand Lake Station (Joe Connors Collection)

A great place for picnics on a Sunday Afternoon, but where did everybody go? (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's a T&NE closed-car leaving Brookside Park on her way back to Albia. (Joe Connors Collection)

Car Number 5 is coming from Averil Park and is stopping at The Cedarhurst Hotel. This building was built in the 1830's and still remains.

(Joe Connors Collection)

Here's another shot of the Cedarhurst. This building has survived a fire and is located on the property of Bonded Cement on Route 43.

(Joe Connors Collection)

Here is the same view today.

Here is Sunset Terrace in Averill Park. This was the 2nd from last stop on the line. This view was taken from the top of The Terrace in Averill Park, today the path in the foreground would be Route 43.

(Joe Connors Collection)

Here is the same view today taken from Route 43. The T&NE ROW runs right behind where the van is parked.

Open Car Number 1 waits at The Lake Avenue Stop on the T&NE. This was the last stop before The Averill Park Station. (Joe Connors Collection)

Here's a photo of the Lake Avenue Stop Today

Here is one of the T&NE's Boxcars. The T&NE pulled freight as it did passengers. Mills along the line received coal from the trolley line and Milk, produce and shoddy (unused wool) for the clothing mills was moved by rail. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Winters were very hard on the T&NE. The line was constantly closed until snow could be removed ...usually several days. Here the crew does their best to remove snow between West Sand Lake and the Powerhouse East of there. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

George Johnson is seen here near Miller's Stop inspecting the condition of the line. Snow would get so bad, that students of Troy High living in the area had to stay with friends since the shut-down trolley line meant no way home. (Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Here is the Last run on the Troy & New England Railway. By this time, it was running as the United Traction's Albia Line. Notice the UTC logo on the side of the car. Car 6 is the same car that made the first run on the line in September of 1895. The Motorman is Joseph Tarpey and the location is Brookside Park near West Sand Lake. Competition from a local Bus Line seriously reduced the number of passengers on the railroad.

(Joseph Smith/Ken Bradford Collection)

Last Stop..... Averill Park

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